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10 free art halls in Madrid to explore your way

ABC Museum

Although it is true, that the spanish capital is a true cultural space from its streets and squares. It also has its environments intended for this purpose. An examhallple of this, are the free art halls in Madrid open up a range of possibilities for lovers of photography, painting, videos, historical recreations, among others.

Throughout the year Madrid keeps these places open with different themes. Regardless of the public and private institutions that head the various exhibitions, many are free.

Therefore, you have no excuse not to visit the free art halls in Madrid. So, let’s not say more and let’s together take a brief tour of the most outstanding

1.- History Museum

If you want to live the customs and daily life of the Spanish capital from 1561 to the present day, you must visit this museum. It is located on Fuencarral street, that is, in the central district of Madrid.

Its baroque style building reflects the historical evolution of the city. Today it has 60,000 objects related to Madrid. Inside this old San Fernando Hospice you will find the following:

  • Collections of paintings, photographs, and postcards.
  • Sculptures.
  • Furniture.
  • Weapons.
  • Goldsmith.
  • Medals.
  • Among other items of historical interest in the city.

Of all these pieces we can highlight the Model of Madrid by León Gil de Palacio, the Virgin with San Fernando by Luca Giordano, Allegory of the Villa de Madrid by Francisco de Goya, among others.

In the museum spaces you will also find the Chapel of the History Museum for concerts and conferences. Definitely, a good place to spend time in an enjoyable way and gain knowledge.

2.- Alcalá 31 Hall

Another of the free art halls in Madrid that you must visit is Sala Alcalá 31. There you can find different young and established authors with a diversity of artistic forms. In addition, the incorporation of new technologies.

If you want to meet the art of Latin American exhibitors this is the place. Only, you have to go to the Antonio Palacios building, former headquarters of the Mercantile and Industrial Bank.

One of the many free halls in Madrid

Temporary exhibition “Canon” by Mateo Mate

3.- Young Art Hall

Exclusive for lovers of contemporary and emerging art. A place to visit and get a closer look at new talents who are professionalizing. In these spaces, young residents of Madrid receive artistic and legal advice. In addition, these talents have the opportunity to obtain scholarships abroad.

Maybe with this brief description you want to go to this art room. So, you should know that the room can be located on Avenida de América.

4.- El Águila Hall

On calle Ramírez de Prado you will come across the Hall El Águila, which is part of a group of buildings for cultural use. This complex belonged to the old “El Águila” beer factory.

Do you love visual and plastic arts? Surely the answer is yes. So, you have to come to this place, you cannot stop know it. Being part of an architectural complex you will see other spaces such as:

  • Joaquín Leguina Regional Library.
  • Regional Archive of the Community of Madrid.
  • Historical Archive of Protocols.
  • And this showroom.

When you are looking for free art halls in Madrid, without a doubt this is a good option.

5.- Free art halls in Madrid through the City Council

In general, the City Council is in charge of managing three spaces with different exhibitions. The idea is that the person who wants to attend does so without any problem, since it is totally free. 

5.1.- Slaughterhouse:

This site is a mandatory reference for lovers of avant-garde art. Its name is due to the fact that it was previously
used for the sale and slaughter of animals. The objective was to sell the meat in the butchers and markets of Madrid.

Death and the blood spilled by the animals that were there until the end of the 20th century was transformed into art.
Theatrical activities bring this space to life throughout the year.

It is normal that you get different performing disciplines developed in both national and international companies. For this reason, the objective is to have a space for contemporary thought.

Different cultural expressions converge in this space, such as:

  • Philosophy
  • Literature
  • Visual arts
  • Music

5.2.- CentroCentro

It is part of the free art halls in Madrid that has contemporary exhibitions. In this place you will not have to pay any euro to enter. It is located in the Cibeles Palace, it aims to show local culture, as well as national and international.

This space is constantly in motion, since it has a varied programming. Within its cultural plan are the seminars, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, reading groups, screenings, among others.

5.3.- Count Duke

This great cultural center of Madrid is located in the historic center, next to the Liria Palace. The building dates from the 18th century with a baroque style that will conquer you both inside and around it. 

Upon arrival you will find a happy and bohemian neighborhood. In addition, an emerging and totally modern trade. The 2011 renovation allowed it to house other important cultural spaces for learning such as:

  • Villa Archives.
  • Municipal Newspaper Archive.
  • Municipal Historical Library.
  • Contemporary Art Museum.
  • Víctor Espinós Music Library.

6.- ABC Museum

If you are in the Count Duke Center and still want to know more, you can stop by Calle Amaniel 29-31. In that area you will find the ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration.

This place has more than 3,800 m², has 6 floors and two of them are underground. Its facilities are divided as follows:

  • Two exhibition halls and multifunctional spaces.
  • Restoration laboratory.
  • An event hall.
  • Bookshop.
  • An archive for the ABC Collection, which has more than 200 thousand original drawing works. These works were nurtured from 1.891 by more than 1.500 artists.

Its structure integrates with the neighborhood, since it is close to society and preserves a great artistic treasure. In this sense, these illustrated images are in charge of narrating the history of Spain and Madrid. Therefore, this place is ideal for you to put together a puzzle with the history of this country.

ABC Museum

It has more than 200 thousand original works

7.- Blindly art gallery

This emerging art space opened its doors in 2018 in order to introduce new artists. At present it is under the direction of Silvana Retalma.

Who is Silvana Retamal?

Her specialty is interior design, work that combines with her facet as a painter. His works were exhibited at The Studio Gallery in Madrid. She is currently in charge of directing the Blindly art gallery. This space is part of the free art halls in Madrid that you must visit. If you dare to go you can find it on Two Sisters Street. 

8.- Space alone

This museum brings together a total of 450 pieces by more than 20 artists from various countries. One of the reasons to attend this space is that you can get in touch with the works of different contemporary authors. In addition, to let yourself be carried away by a unique environment of lights and shadows, which will make you feel in a maze.

This circular labyrinth structure invites you to get lost so that little by little you discover the different halls it has. Art blends with the environment and offers the visitor the ability to transport themselves to other places.

In order to experience the feeling of being lost in different artistic works, you must get to the Alcalá Door.

9.- Tobacco

In the Ambassadors you will find the Old Factory of Madrid from the 18th century, where the most recent contemporary creation is exhibited. Its spaces are dedicated to presenting temporary works.

In the tour of its halls you can see spaces intended for the work of emerging artists. That is, you can usually see the artist in full action in the creation of his projects.

You cannot leave the museum without going through the huge wall that travel along the outer perimeter of the courtyard. This area highlights urban art, its artists and becomes an explosion of bright colors.

A world embodied in a wall of an old tobacco factory

An old tobacco factory in Madrid becomes living art

10.- María Cristina Masaveu Foundation

Of the 10 free art halls in Madrid that we recommend you also have to schedule this foundation. If you like more modern facilities in this space you will find it. It has incredible collections of paintings that date back to the 19th century. 

On your tour you will see more than 117 works by artists such as Goya such as Federico de Madrazo, Angladada Camarasa, among others.

The objective of this center is to support culture, training and science both nationally and internationally.

Madrid is a sea of ​​artistic possibilities

These are some of the free art halls in Madrid that you can visit without paying any admission. But if you are one of the travelers who love art, it will be worth investing to learn more.

If you want to go to the best artistic expressions in Madrid, you must locate the places of reference worldwide. To see the paintings of the best European authors from the 16th to 19th centuries up close, you have to visit the Prado Museum.

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Specialized and personalized tour in Madrid

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