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12 Most curious museums in Madrid that you will not forget

The costumes are also part of the most curious museums in Madridr

If you want to live new experiences and get out of the ordinary, dare to visit the most curious museums in Madrid. The Spanish capital goes beyond the Prado and Reina Sofía museums, there are rarities worth knowing.

In this article we invite you to discover curiosities, traditions and unforgettable memories in a different way. It is normal for most tourists to go to the busiest museums, but Madrid is a constant discovery.

You are in the right place to fill yourself with information that will not allow you to stay at home. It’s time to get to know the most striking museums in the city of Madrid.

1.- House of the Museum of Ratón Pérez

This is one of the most curious museums in Madrid and the one most visited by children. To be there, even adults must let themselves be carried away by their inner child.

La Casita del Museo de Ratón Pérez is located in Puerta del Sol, where children will discover its history. In addition, they will be able to carry out different activities such as: drawing and painting.

While the smallest of the house learn about the art of color, they are also educated to take care of their teeth. Take into account that the visits last between 30 and 35 minutes in groups of 25 people.

If you want to buy the tickets you can find them right there. A world of adventure, full of innocence and goodness awaits you.

Most curious museums in Madrid

There is always a reason to go back to childhood.

2.- The metro as part of the most curious museums in Madrid

When Chamberí station closed in 1966, curiosity was aroused to discover the original elements of the old Madrid metro. If you have never done this tour, you will be able to find vaults, billboards, walls and period furniture.

This space has an Interpretation Center to learn about the relationship between this metro and Madrid. The youngest will have the opportunity to obtain information through audiovisual material and educational activities.

3.- Reverte Coma Museum

One of the most significant museums for medical science. At the initiative of the Complutense University of Madrid at the Faculty of Medicine the Museum of Medical, Forensic, Paleontological and Criminal Anthropology Professor Reverte Coma.

What can be found in this museum?

There is a large collection of poisonous skulls, plants and animals. On your way you will also come across Egyptian mummies and skeletal remains. If you want to know human evolution, this museum is ideal for its paleontological reproductions.

However, it should be noted that your visitors have to be people who are not afraid of anything. This is because it has a collection of violent crimes, fetuses and other chilling displays.

However, it should be noted that your visitors have to be people who are not afraid of anything. This is because it has a collection of violent crimes, fetuses and other chilling displays.

4.- Wax Museum

A few meters from the Plaza de Colón you can find one of the most curious museums in Madrid. It is the Wax Museum that has more than 400 emblematic figures that make life in societ. 

There you can come across figures of people like Manolo Escobar, Miguel de Cervantes, Leonardo di Caprio and Cristiano Ronaldo. To make these characters look very real there is a team and a process that helps to achieve the result.

The characters go through a photographic session, then they are molded in clay, placed in silicone and plaster molds. Finally, the wax figure is reproduced.

One of the secrets for the character to look so real is that the hair that is placed on them is natural. It is said that there are 500 thousand hairs, they are combed and cut as if they had come out of the hairdresser.

Madrid Wax Museum

Different celebrities come to life in the Madrid Wax Museum.

Other attractions of the Wax Museum

Visitors can enjoy the Train of Terror, where they will take a tour of different figures such as dinosaurs, sharks and even live the experience of Star Wars. On the other hand, it has different virtual trips through a simulator.

You can also enjoy a walk through the history of Spain through a 3D movie. So this is one of the most curious museums in Madrid that you must enjoy.

5.- The Robot Museum

If you are a fan of technology you have to visit the Robost Museum. It is a space that shows you the past, present and future of robotics.

In its most important collection, the robust dogs and the use of other domestic or medical technologies stand out. If you want to visit it and receive the best attention, take into account that the visits are guided. In this way, you can live a personalized experience.

6.- Museum of America

If you want to get a collection of extravagant pieces you have to come to the Museum of America. On your visit you will find a sample of pre-Columbian, ethnographic and colonial antiquities from America since 1771.

Similarly, there are other activities where you can participate according to your preferences. In the museum there are days of musical concerts, workshops for adults and children, cultural conferences, among other activities.

7.- Costume among the most curious museums in Madrid 

This museum is a range of possibilities as far as costumes are concerned, since you can find trends from all times. That is, historical and contemporary collections. For this reason, you can see an exhibition with bustle suits as well as French men’s suits.

It is one of the youngest museums in the Spanish capital, as it was founded in 2004. As a curious fact, the building that houses this museum was built as a cultural space. For this reason, its facilities are flexible and the multipurpose rooms are a great help to show a common thread in terms of costumes.

 The costumes are also part of the most curious museums in Madridr

This is one of the youngest museums in Madrid.

8.- La Once Typhlological Museum

It is likely that when you read the name of this museum you do not really know what it is. The word typhlological comes from the word typhlology, which means an area of ​​medicine that studies blindness and its cure.

Although we include it in the most curious museums in Madrid, this space is totally inclusive for the blind community. Its foundation dates from 1992, the idea is to expose devices and any help that serves to improve the quality of life of these people.

Another objective is that the blind have a space where they can touch the different works of art. The mock-up help to get closer to art. For example, you can imagine that you are looking at Burgos Cathedral by touching a mock-up.

This museum helps these people to develop their sense of touch and others to put themselves in their shoes. So it is a place for everyone to visit without distinction of any kind.

9.- Lope de Vega House Museum

This is one of the most curious museums in Madrid, as it takes you back to the Golden Age of Spanish literature. Here lived Lope de Vega the writer of “La Doretea”. All the furniture that is preserved from the time, belongs to the seventeenth century.

To keep alive the legacy of this great writer, workshops, talks and other cultural events are held. If you want to visit this museum, you must make an appointment. The duration of the visit is 30 to 45 minutes.

10.- Black World African Museum

This space is one of the most curious museums in Madrid, since it exhibits about a specific culture. You will learn about the way of life, way of dressing and everyday objects of black Africa.

Likewise, you will find an important musical legacy, paintings and sculptures according to their idiosyncrasies. It is an opportunity to know another culture.

Perhaps, it is not very crowded because it is far from the tourist sites of the Spanish capital. But, it is worth looking at the different objects that come south of the Sahara. If you dare to know it, you will not have to pay anything for the entrance, since it is completely free.

11.- Municipal Printing

If typography and printing appeal to you, this tour is for you. You will find a place full of simplicity, but at the same time elegant.

It is dependent on the Madrid City Council and has a building characteristic of Madrid architecture. Its façade is unique, since it pays homage to the cement mortar typeface.

It should be noted that it has an exhibition room to present historical pieces of graphic arts. The goal is for visitors to learn about the entire process and art involved in making a book.

Municipal Printing

A visit to typography in Madrid.

12. Avant-garde Arts Center

Another of the most curious museums in Madrid is the Center for Vanguard Arts. On your tour you will have the opportunity to have an encounter with alternative and modern art.

It is interesting that its spaces are used for the study of art. Perhaps, you are unaware that you can meet a student and admire all their creative process.

On the other hand, a positive aspect that most of its visitors find is that it shows different artistic disciplines. In this sense, it is normal for them to coexist: Urban Art, Performance, Video Art, Sound Art, Parkour, among others.

These are some of the most curious museums in Madrid. If you want to live this type of experience, you have to contact professionals who are passionate about the Spanish capital.