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Madrid Lovers

We want to tell you about the life of Madrid, its places, squares, monuments, people, food, smells, flavors and parties. We would not get an entire blog to convey our passion for the city, but we put ourselves into action and get to work. Enjoy as we do every day and learn more about an unknown, multicultural and different Madrid … a different place!

Guide to typical Madrid dishes to fall into temptation

If you are one of those who love to travel and take advantage of enjoying local cuisine, you have come to the right place. This guide to typical Madrid dishes has its magic and its secret, the idea is to live new experiences on the palate. A characteristic of the capital is that it forms…

12 Most curious museums in Madrid that you will not forget

If you want to live new experiences and get out of the ordinary, dare to visit the most curious museums in Madrid. The Spanish capital goes beyond the Prado and Reina Sofía museums, there are rarities worth knowing. In this article we invite you to discover curiosities, traditions and unforgettable memories in a different way….

8 Corners of the Spanish capital that you should know

Madrid is one of the liveliest and most joyous cities in Europe. Therefore, if your trip is short, you can visit the most emblematic corners of the Spanish capital. In this way, this guide allows you to get to know those dream places in a short time. In the capital you can do multiple activities,…

12 Tips for traveling to Madrid without hustle and peace of mind

If it is the first time that you visit this wonderful city you have to take into account these tips. Surely, you wonder: how to travel to Madrid without hustle to enjoy its splendor? This article will help you answer that question and any other doubt you have. The idea is that you let yourself…

Learn about the origins of typical Madrid gastronomy

Surely you know the spanish capital for its bars and restaurants, also for having a diverse cuisine. However, typical Madrid gastronomy went through a stage of transformation worthy of study. So, our Wonder Tour team prepares you to sensitize your palate to the variety of traditional and modern dishes.  Therefore, take a look in a brief…

10 free art halls in Madrid to explore your way

Although it is true, that the spanish capital is a true cultural space from its streets and squares. It also has its environments intended for this purpose. An examhallple of this, are the free art halls in Madrid open up a range of possibilities for lovers of photography, painting, videos, historical recreations, among others. Throughout…

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