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Guide to typical Madrid dishes to fall into temptation

Guide of typical Madrid dishes

If you are one of those who love to travel and take advantage of enjoying local cuisine, you have come to the right place. This guide to typical Madrid dishes has its magic and its secret, the idea is to live new experiences on the palate.

A characteristic of the capital is that it forms a hybrid of the main cuisines of Spain. Another reason is that Madrid has not stopped receiving emigrants since Felipe II, this without a doubt, nourishes its cuisine.

These contributions contribute to making Madrid’s cuisine festive, bar and tavern. Although its natural environment is the bar, it also took over other spaces, which you should know and try its styles.

When you start your tour of gastronomic Madrid, take the opportunity to smell and taste each dish you eat. To do this, you need to know with this little guide, what ingredients and transformation process that dish lived through. In addition, the best places to eat these typical recipes.

1.- Madrid stew

If you want regional tradition, this dish could not be missing on any table. Its ingredients give it a unique flavor, since it uses chickpeas, blood sausage, chorizo, carrots, potatoes, among others. Logically, the flavor of bacon, beef knee bone and pork spine bone cannot be missed.

This dish is economical, healthy and very complete. You can prepare it at home, but nothing like going to a renowned restaurant to enjoy a good Madrid stew.

What places do we recommend to delight your palate?

In this guide to typical Madrid dishes, you could not miss this famous stew. So when you are visiting Madrid, we recommend you go to the oldest restaurant, Casa Botín. In this place, Madrid stew is full of tradition.

There are also other restaurants that follow the custom, but add their personal brand. This is the case of the La Bola restaurant, its cooking lasts 4 hours over low heat and over oak charcoal. It is served in two dishes, the first with the noodle soup and the second, with the chickpeas, some vegetables and the different types of meat.

Live the gastronomic experience from this dish. That is, it is the first thing you should try when you arrive in Madrid.

2.- Madrid-style tripe cannot be missed on this tour

A good guide to typical Madrid dishes contemplates this rich tradition and international recognition. Its main ingredients are beef tripe, pork snout, potatoes and a tip of ham.

We must also mention the broth that accompanies this dish with its dressings to give it an exceptional touch. We are sure that you will accompany it with bread and you will want more and more.

All over Spain you can get this dish, it is eaten especially in winter time, but you can try it whenever you want. Although its beginnings are unknown, it is known that it has its origins in taverns and then went on to restaurants.

If while reading, your mouth is watering, then you have to go to the Taberna de San Mamés. Here traditional flavors are combined with modern ones.

Similarly, another of the restaurants that stand out in Madrid is Zalacaín Restaurant. One of its secrets is that the Madrid-style tripe is prepared days in advance so that when serving, its flavor intensifies. With these modern cooking techniques we seek to satisfy the most demanding palates.

You can not miss the tripe a la Madrid

Being in the Spanish capital you have to try this typical local dish without fail.

3.- Scrambled eggs as part of the guide to typical Madrid dishes

One of the easiest recipes to make in Madrid are crashed eggs. They are simply crashed eggs on a bed of potatoes and ham is added. This dish was born in Casa Lucio, they have been served since 1974.

They are also known as broken eggs, you have no excuses to leave the capital city without trying them. It doesn’t matter where you are in any Madrid bar or restaurant you can enjoy it.

4.- Braised oxtail

If you are a lover of animal protein, this dish is ideal for you. Although it is originally from Córdoba, due to the bullfighting tradition of Madrid they have adopted it. So this guide to typical Madrid dishes will help you know what you want and where to go.

In the event that you decide to taste this dish, you have to go to Plaza de las Ventas. Upon arrival at this place you will find several options such as Casa Toribio. You can also choose another more central place near the Plaza Mayor, the Los Galayos Restaurant.

Braised oxtail is a culinary pleasure from the moment it is prepared.

5.- Squid sandwiches in our guide to typical Madrid dishes

For Wonder Tours it is well known that the visit to Madrid will be more pleasant with some squid sandwiches. Its preparation is quick and easy, the squid rings are coated in flour and finally fried in olive oil. Thanks to this procedure in the kitchen they are tender and delicious to eat.

You can eat them in any bar in the capital, but you can delight your palate at Bar La Campana. To find this establishment you have to go to the Plaza Mayor. You can also go to the Bar El Brillante by Plaza del Emperador Carlos V.

 Guide of typical Madrid dishes

Squid sandwiches ideal for any time of the year.

6.- Potage with cod

If you are at Easter in Madrid, you have to enjoy this dish. It is also known as Potaje de Vigilia, it is part of the tradition to substitute meat according to religious beliefs.

The base of this rich stew has chickpeas, spinach and cod. It does not matter if its preparation is classic or has some changes, it will always be a recommended dish. You can even accompany it with a white wine or enjoy a light red Rioja wine.

If you want to try a cod stew with a Madrid flavor, you have to go to Casa Perico every Friday. Similarly, if you are looking to eat this dish on any day of the week, you can go to Señorío de Alcocer.

7.- Guide of typical Madrid dishes with the traditional garlic soup

This soup is prepared with broth, filleted garlic, sautéed in a saucepan with oil until golden brown. When it is already golden, ham is added, then it is stirred and mixed with the stale bread. To finish, it is removed from the casserole and sprinkled with pepper, either sweet or spicy.

Imagine the aroma of garlic with the ham, completely irresistible so you have to try it. Surely, you wonder where. At Casa Paco with its restaurant and tavern style you will delight yourself with this homemade soup.

To get to Casa Paco you must go to the famous Plaza Puerta Cerrada. Likewise, you can visit Botín en Cuchilleros as a diner. However, these are some small recommendations, since you can get this dish in any restaurant in Madrid.

8.- Bream Madrid style

It is a fish made in the oven, which cannot be missed at Christmas parties. However, at any time of the year it is also consumed.

In the event that you are out for a walk and are very hungry, this dish only takes 10 minutes to bake. Therefore, it is easy for you to have it quickly on your table, enjoy the dish. It is an excellent option for those who do not like to wait long in a restaurant.

If you want to experience the traditional flavor of the tavern of the Spanish capital, visit the Taberna de la Daniela. In this place you will live the experience of a homemade and specialized Madrid-style bream. Don’t think about it so much, in the blink of an eye you will have it on your table.

9.- Madrid-style snails

These snails have a base of meat broth and sausages for the sauce. This base is thick and spicy. In the spring time it is served in a clay pot and is accompanied with red wine.

Today snails are part of the tapas in the most traditional bars of the Spanish capital. This tavern dish has a tradition of collecting snails in the vineyards near Madrid. The settlers who maintain this custom are those of Chamartín, Hortaleza and Fuencarral.

If you want to enjoy this dish, in Taberna de los Tres Hermanos their specialty is snails. You can also go to Amadeo Lázaro, his snails are cooked with spices and chorizo, to give it a special touch.

On your tour of Madrid, you will meet different taverns whose menu is Madrid-style snails, but each one has a secret. In the variety you will discover different flavors.

 Madrid-style snails as a typical local dish

This dish is perfect for calorie lovers.

10.- Madrileña cooked rice

This dish is ideal to share with a group of friends, since we can serve 50 grams of rice per person. Although it is very yielding, its flavor is majestic, it is cooked in the broth of any stew.

There are different restaurants that offer this dish, but there are some specialized ones. An example of this is La Taberna LA BOLA, although it is recognized for its stews, it uses this dish as a base to impregnate the rice with aroma and flavor.

With this delicious dish we finish this little guide of typical Madrid dishes. You will realize that its mixture of flavors are a true temptation to the palate, that is due to its origin and tradition. If you tried any of these dishes, leave us your opinion.