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Madrid Mysteries and Legends Walking Tour



Discover the Secrets of Madrid on a Walking Tour

Legend has it that the origins of Madrid date back to the fall of Troy, when a young prince, guided by the Gods, began a long journey in search of a new home…

That’s the start of our walking tour, a unique route across the hidden mysteries and legends of Madrid, which allows you to discover the least known side of this age-old city.

We first go to the well-known Plaza Mayor, which, although it may be hard to imagine today, witnessed some of the creepiest events in the history of Madrid, such as public executions… Our tour continues, visiting Plaza de Oriente (Eastern Square). Why is it called that? What has been the role played by freemasonry and secret societies in the current power configuration in Spain? Learn the answers on this tour.

We then find out the darkest side of Puerta del Sol, where the Dos de Mayo Uprising against Napoleonic troops took place. This historic battle was immortalized by Goya in his famous painting… Had you ever heard about his unsettling connection to witchcraft? Afterward, we head towards the spooky House of the Seven Chimneys, from where we walk to the Palace of the Marquises of Linares. For decades, unexplained noises have been heard within its walls.

Unsolved crimes, tormented ghosts, strange paranormal phenomena… Concealed in the most unexpected corners lie countless enigmas that will change the way you look at Madrid forever.

Discover them with us on an essential tour to learn the secret stories of the capital of Spain!


  • Bilingual guide Spanish/English (possibility of making them in other languages, upon request).

  • Civil liability insurance